Lincolnia Park Recreation Club

Lincolnia Park Recreational Club (LPRC) is a community-owned, non-profit swimming pool, tennis club and recreational club on an eight acre park inside the Beltway in the Alexandria/Annandale area of Fairfax County.

Lincolnia Park Recreational Club Amenities:


Support your community by donating to LPRC, a non-profit, community-owned organization! NOTE: Because we are a tax-exempt club and not a charity, donations to LPRC are NOT tax-deductible. However, all donations will go directly to improving the pool and thus support your neighborhood. Projects currently under consideration include a playground (already purchased), recaulking the deck, and expanding the social areas to accomodate our growing membership. Your donations will make these a reality much sooner. Thank you!

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Contact us for more information:
Phone: (703) 941-9676

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