Lincolnia Park Recreation Club, Inc. Rates

The following is the rate schedule effective for until May 1. After May 1, the Basic (Family), Individual (Non-senior), Senior Individual, and Senior Basic Memberships increase by $25. Inactive Membership rates do not change on May 1, but are due by July 1. Tennis Memberships, both Individual and Family, do not increase because Tennis Memberships are by their nature more year-round.

Basic (Family) MembershipCovers 2 members living in the same household$440 for renewing members, $340 for new members
Kids as part of a Basic MembershipWe charge for 4 kids aged 4 or over as of May 1; other kids are free$30 each capped at $120
Extra membersOther members who will regularly attend added to your membership$30 each
Individual (Non-senior) MembershipOne member$355 for renewing members, $255 for new members
Senior Individual MembershipOne person aged 60+ as of May 1$265 for renewing members, $165 for new members
Senior Basic MembershipTwo people aged 60+ as of May 1 living in the same household$320 for renewing members, $220 for new members
Inactive MembershipFor those no longer coming to the pool, but who wish to continue supporting LPRC$145
Tennis Individual MembershipOne person for access only to our tennis facilities$275 for renewing members, $175 for new members
Tennis Family MembershipTwo people for access only to our tennis facilities$325 for renewing members, $225 for new members
Work FeeSee below for an explanation$100 for renewing members, new members are exempt
Tennis Team (for kids)See the Tennis Events page for a scheduleTBD
Tennis Junior Development Program Lessons (for kids)Payment can be made now, or daily if your kids can't attend every dayTBD
Swim Team (for kids)See the Swim Team page for details and registrationSee the Swim Team page for details and registration
Guest PassesEach member receives 5 passes; passes at the gate will be $5 each$45 for a book of 10; these do not expire
Snack CardsA convient way to provide for snacks and ice cream during the season$10 per card

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About our work fee: We get lots of questions about our work fee, so we should explain it here. First, the good news: new members don't have to pay it at all or work; we want you to relax for the first year. Also, almost no one actually pays the work fee; the vast majority of members manage to work it off by working 4 hours total (but not necessarily consecutively) before or during the season.

So, what is the work fee, and why does LPRC have it? At LPRC, we are fortunate to have 8 acres of green space, tennis courts, and of course the pool. All these assets require maintenance, and we as members are the ones who must maintain the space. As a result, all members, except for those in their first year of membership, must either work 4 hours before or during the season or pay a $100 work fee. There are many opportunities to work the 4 hours, such as at pre-opening work days (in late April and early May, on the calendar), regular grounds maintenance during the warm months, or helping before or during swim meets or social events. If you think there is any chance you will work the 4 hours between now and when the pool closes in September, you mail a separate check for $100 to LPRC, P.O. Box 243, Annandale, VA 22003; if you work the hours, we will shred the check and, if not, we will cash it after the season. If you are absolutely sure you will not work the hours (and this is a minority of membership) you can simply add $100 to your dues and we will use those proceeds for maintenaince. In practice, the check just acts as a deposit for almost everyone.

Support your community by donating to LPRC, a non-profit, community-owned organization! NOTE: Because we are a tax-exempt club and not a charity, donations to LPRC are NOT tax-deductible. However, all donations will go directly to improving the pool and thus support your neighborhood. Projects currently under consideration include a playground (already purchased), recaulking the deck, and expanding the social areas to accomodate our growing membership. Your donations will make these a reality much sooner. Thank you!

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Phone: (703) 941-9676

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