Important Reminders for Members and their Guests

Jun 2, 2021 -- Posted by : admin
  1. PLEASE return furniture and umbrellas to their original locations AND pick up your trash. If you make a mess on a table, please clean it up. Please also leave the new yellow umbrellas where they are with the picnic tables.
  2. Guests must check in at the same time as the member whose guest passes they are using. Each membership comes with 5 guest passes, and additional passes may be purchased at the guard house for $5 each.
  3. There is a total 5 visit limit for any guest before membership is required.
  4. Ice machine: Only people age 15 and up may access the ice machine and they must use the scoop. Please do not allow your children to put their hands into the communal ice supply. Also, please do not fill up an entire cooler; this leaves little or no ice for other people.
  5. Do not bring any food past the red line that divides the seating areas from the pool.
  6. There may NOT be any glass containers in the pool area, including the pavilion and seating areas.
  7. When parking, please park off the asphalt, and do not block access to the dumpster or the path to the field. We have lots of cars and need to assure access. Please do not park next to the dumpster; this prevents our trash service from picking up (they just leave if they can't access), and blocks a means of accessing back parking rows.


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