Important Reminders for Members and their Guests

Jul 25, 2022 -- Posted by : admin

Membership Reminders:

LPRC is run by a small group of dedicated board members and volunteers.  We do not have onsite maintenance, cleaning crews, or any other staff beyond the Life Guards whose priorities are life safety and managing the pool. 

With this said, we need help from everyone.

  1. Please pick up after yourselves, your family, and your guests, and dispose of all trash.  
  2. If you move furniture anywhere on the pool deck, please return it to its original location when you leave.
  3. If your kiddos move things around inthe play areas or baby pool, please help us by straightening up before you leave.
  4. Members should clean off tables and surfaces upon your departure.  Spray cleaning products are available under the kitchen sink or from the Lifeguard offices.  
  5. The pavilion area is for shared use unless there is a rental (which is required for events of 25 or more people).  If your group uses the pavilion area, please ensure there is space to share with others.  
  6. ONLY adults should be using the ice machines.  Please keep kids out of them. 
  7. If you place items in the refrigerator, take them with you when you leave.  
  8. YOU are responsible for your guests and must meet them at the check-in gate upon arrival. $5 guest fee, per person must be collected prior to entry.  
  9. We have a Visitor limit of 5 times.  If guests visit LPRC beyond 5 times a membership is required.
  10. No Food or Drink is allowed in front of the red line OR in the pool at any time. 
  11. No glass containers are allowed at LPRC.  
  12. Always respect the Lifeguard whistle, exit the pool quickly for break times and closing.
  13. DO NOT talk to the Lifeguards when they are in the chairs or on duty watching the pool.  You are impeding their ability to monitor safety.
  14. The Lifeguards have standards and protocols to follow, they cannot take direction from members.   If you have a concern, please email the Board and it will be addressed. We highly discourage members directing or suggesting improvements to the Life Guard that have not been vetted by the Board or Atlantic Pool Co.  
  15. Please ensure young children utilize the restrooms during break time and take breaks after eating.  Pool closures are a bummer for everyone.
  16. No diaper changes on the deck.  There are changing tables in both the men’s and women's locker rooms.
  17. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.  Upon discretion of the Life Guards, Pool Management, or the Board, members and their guests can be asked to vacate at any time.
  18. Windy Day Umbrella Reminders - Just in the last week we had several broken umbrellas which raised up and became airborne during wind events. The commercial umbrellas with non-fading sunbrella canopies cost $400+ and the oversized bases cost $300+.  That's over $700 for one set of damaged umbrellas and bases.  WE NEED YOUR HELP DURING WIND EVENTS, if you are seated near an umbrella that's raised and the wind causes a threat, you are responsible for keeping track of that umbrella and holding on to it through a wind gust as needed.  If you leave your area to go into the pool - please lower your umbrella and use the ties around it as wind can pick up and lift even an umbrella in the down position.  
  19. Umbrellas (regardless of wind status) should be lowered when you are leaving the pool.
  20. Lost and Found can be located next to the water fountain in the clubhouse.
  21. The LPRC pool, tennis, and grounds are non-smoking areas.  
  22. LPRC does not separate recycling.  After several attempts trash was consistently put in with recycling that caused contamination issues and our vendor would not accept. If recycling is important to you (and it should be...) please take home recyclable items and properly dispose of them. 
  23. We are always looking for volunteers to get tasks completed and we need your help.  If you see something that needs to be done and you can do it, please do.  Pulling weeds along Montrose St, watering flowers, or find something is broken, If you need volunteer hours or are willing to help please see here.

And Lastly - Please remember the Lifeguards - especially on HOT days - they work really hard for us and they LOVE Treats!!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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