Lane Reservations and our COVID Policy...

Apr 28, 2021 -- Posted by : admin

We are open for full operations! You do not need a reservation to use the pool, but if you would like to use the one designated lap lane for lap swimming or distancing with your household, click here. Please see below for our COVID policies. Bear in mind that these policies will likely change across the season as regulations change and CDC guidance evolves.



In accordance with recent guidance from the Virginia Department of Health, Fairfax County and the CDC, we are updating our COVID-19 safety standards.

  1. Fully vaccinated members and guests of LPRC will no longer be required to wear masks while on the LPRC grounds. 

  2. Members and visitors who are not yet fully vaccinated and children under the age of 12 are still required to wear a mask except when eating, drinking or sitting with members of their immediate household or while engaging in physical activity: (i.e., swim/tennis). 

  3. Please do not come to the pool if you are showing signs and symptoms of covid.  Please follow the county’s guidelines for vaccinated vs unvaccinated exposure and quarantine times as well as testing procedures. These policies can be found here.

  4. Members, by entering our grounds, are agreeing to abide by the requirements put in place by the Commonwealth of Virginia guidelines.  

  5. Red Wrist bands are available at the guard room for those members and guests that wish to wear them and signify that you would like others to recognize and respect that you would like to have a 6 foot social distance.

  6. Masks are required in the restrooms for all unvaccinated people.

  7. If you would like to reserve the lap lanes to be able to socially distance you can sign up here.  Please note that there are swimming lap times and non-lap swimming use.

  8. Swim team members participating in practices and meets will follow the guidelines that are outlined by the NVSL.

  9. Social gatherings and pavilion rentals must adhere to the CDC rules and pool policies.

    • Pavilion rentals limited to 25 people

    • Field rentals - parties larger than 25 people

As a reminder, people that are not yet fully vaccinated should continue to practice public health precautions, including wearing a mask, social distancing, frequently and thoroughly washing hands and avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated areas.  

Members of the LPRC guard team who are fully vaccinated will be permitted to work without wearing a mask. 

We are enormously grateful to each and every one of you for your commitment in helping keep everyone safe at LPRC.


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