LPRC Returns to School Hours August 21st

May 15, 2023 -- Posted by : admin

Since FCPS is returning to in-classroom instruction on August 21st, LPRC will move to our school hours on that day. All of this is reflected on our hours page. But the summary is Mon. - Thurs, 4:30PM - 8PM, Friday, 4:30PM - 9PM, Sat., 11AM - 9PM, Sun., 11AM - 8PM, with adult morning swim Saturday and Sunday, 10AM - 11AM (no adult morning swim weekdays). These hours go through Labor Day, which also has adult morning swim 10AM - 11AM, and on Labor Day the pool closes at 8PM. After Labor Day, we close during the week, but we will be open the following weekend (Sat., 12PM - 6PM, Sun., 12PM - 6PM). Hold on to the summer longer at LPRC!


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