Lincolnia Park Recreation Club Online Membership Form

Annual Membership Registration for the Season

  • Please fill out the following form (and javascript must be turned on in your browser for it to work) and make payment on or before April 15, (the price for each membership type increases on that date).
  • The form below will guide you through a series of questions and present new questions depending on your answers. At the end, the form will tell you the total cost of your membership and give you payment options (Paypal or mailing in a check). The Paypal payment option includes a $10 surcharge to cover most of the cost that Paypal charges us for processing it (on most payments, we pay some portion of the charge).
  • If you are not a new member this year, you will also have to mail us a check for $100 for the work fee, which we will shred if you work 4 hours before or during the season, or we will cash after the season if you do not work. (There are abundant opportunities to fulfill these work hours. You also have the option of simply adding $100 to your total right now if you know you won't work; all of this is handled at the bottom of this form.)
  • While we greatly prefer electronic submssion of this form and electronic payment (it is both kinder to the environment and administratively easier for us), we also understand that some may prefer the previous method of registration. If you do, you can print the form at this link and mail it in (or use the one mailed to you), or you can submit the electronic form, and send us a check at LPRC, P.O. Box 243, Annandale, VA 22003.

While this form is designed to cover the vast majority of situations, if anything on it confuses you or if you think you have a special situation the form does not cover adequately (or if you find a bug), please e-mail the LPRC Membership Coordinator at

First tell us your membership status:

(New members in (or members joining after an absence) get $100 off in . Additionally, members new in do not have to pay the $100 work fee but those that joined in or before do.)

Existing Member (you joined in or earlier - Welcome back!)
New Member in (Welcome!)
Rejoining after an absence from before (Welcome back!)
Military Membership, may not be combined with a new or rejoining membership discount (Thank you for your service!)