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*Information for Membership*

We now offer online registration and payment by a credit or debit card through Paypal! Click here for the online membership form.

(You also have the option of registering online and paying by check.) If you prefer printing out a paper form and mailing it in, download the form here.

We are in the middle of a membership drive with the following benefits:

We love our members! While a community pool requires a bunch of infrastructure and equipment, and a fair amount of work, none of that matters without the people that form a community based on enjoying friendship outdoors while the weather is warm. For more than 50 years, LPRC has served as a center of the neighborhood, a gathering place, a social outlet, a place for kids to grow up and have fun, but mainly a place for people to get together and form friendships. Our members love the sense of community at LPRC so much that many members continue their membership even when they move across town and other pools are much closer! We are an extremely active pool, with numerous opportunities for fun and friendship, and something for everyone throughout the summer and the year. Join today, and don't miss out on the fun. As you can see from our membership drive information above, we are actively looking to add to this community with new members and would love for you to join us. Call or email us with any questions, please!

Now that the weather has warmed up, it's time to gear up for the new swim season! Your neighborhood pool, tennis center, and social destination, the Lincolnia Park Recreation Club, conveniently located on Montrose Street, is in the midst of a multi-year membership drive with incentives listed above, no rate increases since 2012, and a family-friendly rate structure. Also, if you were a member in past years but let your membership drop, you may qualify for incentives to rejoin; please contact us if you are interested!

There's something for everyone: a great swim team, year-round access to tennis courts, a professionally managed pool, and recent and on-going upgrades to our facilities. Even if you don’t like to swim, LPRC offers a host of fun activities and a great place to meet your neighbors and make friends, or just relax reading a book on the pool deck on a warm afternoon. There’s no reason to delay: Contact Andrew Wise, LPRC Membership Coordinator, today to start the process of joining or to learn more at andrewwise5@gmail.com.

Follow this link to see our amenities.

Follow this link to see a schedule of our rates.

About our work fee: We get lots of questions about our work fee, so we should explain it here. First, the good news: new members don't have to pay it at all or work; we want you to relax for the first year. Also, almost no one actually pays the work fee; the vast majority of members manage to work it off by working 4 hours total (but not necessarily consecutively) before or during the season.

So, what is the work fee, and why does LPRC have it? At LPRC, we are fortunate to have 8 acres of green space, tennis courts, and of course the pool. All these assets require maintenance, and we as members are the ones who must maintain the space. As a result, all members, except for those in their first year of membership, must either work 4 hours before or during the season or pay a $100 work fee. There are many opportunities to work the 4 hours, such as at pre-opening work days (in late April and early May, on the calendar), regular grounds maintenance during the warm months, or helping before or during swim meets or social events. If you think there is any chance you will work the 4 hours between now and when the pool closes in September, you mail a separate check for $100 to LPRC, P.O. Box 243, Annandale, VA 22003; if you work the hours, we will shred the check and, if not, we will cash it after the season. If you are absolutely sure you will not work the hours (and this is a minority of membership) you can simply add $100 to your dues and we will use those proceeds for maintenaince. In practice, the check just acts as a deposit for almost everyone.

Support your community by donating to LPRC, a non-profit, community-owned organization! NOTE: Because we are a tax-exempt club and not a charity, donations to LPRC are NOT tax-deductible. However, all donations will go directly to improving the pool and thus support your neighborhood. Projects currently under consideration include a playground (already purchased), recaulking the deck, and expanding the social areas to accomodate our growing membership. Your donations will make these a reality much sooner. Thank you!

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Contact us for more information:
Phone: (703) 941-9676
Email: pool@lincolniapark.org

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