LPRC Parking Guidelines

May 22, 2022 -- Posted by : admin

While parking guidelines are nobody's idea of excitement, they do help us all get along. Please follow the guidelines below and the included picture when parking at LPRC. Thanks!

  1. Drive aisles as shown shall remain clear and unobstructed at all times. For the first row of parking, pull completely off the asphalt to ensure the aisle and turn-around are clear.
  2. In addition to perimeter side-by-side parking, vehicles shall park nose-to-nose in 4 parallel lanes.  Rows shall be established between the landscape beds and the orange cones, as identified on the plan below.
  3. Handicap parking (HC) spots are identified with signage, closest to the pool entry.
  4. Additional (grass) parking can be found around and behind the tennis courts.
  5. All vehicles exiting the parking lot shall come to a complete stop before entering the roadway.  Several members walk and bike to the pool, especially children.
  6. The second exit point in the parking lot shall be for Emergency Use Only. This crosses a well travelled pedestrian sidewalk - Use extreme caution in this area.
  7. On Thursday mornings, Garbage pickup (~7:30am) this requires a clear path to the Trash enclosure.  Please park along the white posts until 8:30am.

LPRC Parking Diagram


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