These are the hours for the Lincolnia Park Recreational Club (LPRC), a community-owned, non-profit swimming pool, tennis and recreational club on an eight acre park-like setting inside the Beltway in the Alexandria/Annandale area of Fairfax County. They are new and expanded for 2021! We open at 11AM on Saturday, May 29th.

(Please note! These are our plans at the moment. Of course, there are many unknowns with the COVID situation. While we plan to offer these hours, if the COVID situation significantly worsens or government restrictions make these hours impossible, we will have to alter them. We will of course update these hours as soon as we known otherwise.)

School Hours (May 29 to June 11 and August 23 to September 6)
Weekdays 4 PM – 8 PM (Fridays until 9 PM)
Saturdays 10 AM – 9 PM (10 AM – 11 AM is Adult Swim)
Sundays 10 AM – 8 PM (10 AM – 11 AM is Adult Swim)
Note: Presently, June 11 is the scheduled last day of school in Fairfax County. On Labor Day, there is Adult Swim 10AM - 11AM and the pool closes at 8PM.
Regular Summer Hours (beginning the day after school ends)
Weekdays 11 AM – 9 PM (6:30AM - 8AM is Adult Swim; Fridays open until 10PM)
Saturdays 10 AM – 9 PM (10 AM – 11 AM is Adult Swim)
Sundays 10 AM – 9 PM (10 AM – 11 AM is Adult Swim)
If there is a home swim meet the pool opens immediately after the meet (~12:30PM).
July 4th the pool will be open until 9:00 pm
Labor Day the pool will close at 8:00 pm

Weekend(s) After Labor Day.
(Unlike other pools, we always open at least one weekend after Labor Day, and many years 2.)

Saturdays 11 AM – 9 PM (no adult swim)
Sundays 11 AM – 8 PM (no adult swim)